Visit Samsø

Increased knowledge through indstik in Jyllands-Posten
Visit Samsø
Visit Samsø wanted to increase the knowledge of Samsø and thereby attract more tourists to the island.

The solution was an insert in Jyllands-Posten created as a 36-pages long vacation-magazine with both texts and pictures of attractions, experiences and the local community.

“The corporation with Jyllands-Posten has in every way been a positive experience. In the days after the insert, we made a measurement on our website which showed an increase in traffic in several hundred percent. We know from our local operators that the action has resulted in an immediate increase in trade with more bookings and more sold tickets for the ferry. Furthermore, a brand-new investigation shows that there has been a considerably increase in the degree of knowledge of Samsø as a destination. The insert has been a huge success! Our contact person at Jyllands-Posten has through the whole process been a good and professional sparring partner who has offered substantial guidance. Through the whole process, we have had a feeling that our contact person was “our man”, and we know that the money is well spent.”
Jacques Rahr Knudsen – PR and Information, Visit Samsø.

Huge awareness – 86% of the readers remember that they have seen the insert in Jyllands-Posten.

75% of those who remember the insert think that it is inspiring.

The insert created a desire for activity – 72% of those who remember the insert will act in the light of it.

14% of those who remember the insert will visit Samsø in the future. 
Published 11 apr 2018
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