Qatar Airways

Launch of brand in Denmark
Qatar Airways
Create knowledge of the Qatar Airways air routes among businesspeople.

In a market that is characterised by strong competition on prices and players with large marketing budgets it may be a challenge to be heard in the businesspeople target group.

Qatar Airways does not want the price to be the decisive differentiating parameter. Due to the modest campaign budget, the solution was a top banner in with the purpose of creating attention to and knowledge of the airline company's products.

- Great attention
- Closer relation to potential customers
- Message understood
- Qualified knowledge

"I am positively surprised that 35% of the users of actually remember having seen the banner. Compared to the fact that we are talking of the launch of a new brand on the Danish market and "standard”-banner types, I think this is a good result. The relatively high ad recall may be due to the fact that there are very few disturbances on the site and that the banner is placed in the top section."
Frederik Jespersen
Interactive Director, Mediabroker
Published 02 jun 2016
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