Ole Lynggaard

Continuous advertisment in Viva creates strong relations
Ole Lynggaard
By means of his advertising Ole Lynggaard wishes to support sales with his retailers and cultivate his very strong profile.

Establishing a brand among potential customers in the fashion market may be a challenge as there is a large selection of products and brands on the market. With his high quality product portfolio, Ole Lynggaard chose a continuous campaign in VIVA because the company's target group correlates perfectly with the VIVA readers' profile. 

The result was impressive, especially among the female readers.

- 7 out of 10 female readers remember having seen the advertisment in Viva
- 1 out of 3 of Viva's readers intend to contact Ole Lynggaard
- 8 out of 10 of Viva's readers have a positive attitude to Ole Lynggaard

"VIVA is one of our most important advertising media. By advertising in VIVA we are guaranteed optimum attention in a contemporary editorial environment. We reach our target group consisting of modern affluent women with an interest in fashion and design. The latest advertising test documented that our advertisements affected Jyllands-Posten's readers very much and have strengthened our customer-brand relationship."
Inken Frellesen
Marketing Manager, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Published 02 jun 2016
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