Hi-Fi Klubben

Increased visibility and access to more readers
Hi-Fi Klubben
In order to create more attention to Hi-Fi klubben's offers, their online catalogue was made available on the front page of jp.dk.

- Massive exposure in a relevant context: 30m in-screen viewings
- The catalogue has been read approximately 20,000 times
- 30% of the readers of the catalogue read the entire publication
- The average time consumption per read page was 16 seconds
- Call-to-action: Every 8th reading has led to a click on a link in the catalogue
- A new target group: The catalogue was mainly read between 8 am and 4 pm, and it has given access to a target group at a time of the day when catalogues are not normally read
Source: Ipaper 2012

"Hi-Fi Klubben is all about experiences – good sound experiences. To enable us to give our customers the sound experiences that we live and breathe for, we need to establish a connection to the target group. We strive constantly to optimise our marketing and make it match the experiences that we want to give our customers. The online part has naturally become a considerable and very important element in our planning. With our media agency MEC, we take the lead and we create and test alternative methods that can help us get our messages across to our target group. For this reason we appreciated Jyllands-Posten's creative proposals for an exciting new placement on the front page. This has so far given us enhanced visibility and good results in the form of more readers of Hi-Fi Klubben's online catalogue.”
Mikkel Braae-Andersen,
Chief Marketing Officer, Hi-Fi Klubben
Published 02 jun 2016
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