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Specifications for advertisements in the newspaper

Applies to advertisements in the newspaper
We adhere to branch standards and only accept files according to these.

Please send your advertising material via Medienet using the link forwarded or to annonce@jp.dk with reference to the relevant section, insertion date and order number.

Extra fee charged for in-house modifications of print-ready advertising material
Please note our guidelines for submitting advertisements. If Jyllands-Posten is required to make minor modifications to print-ready advertising material, we shall charge an extra DKK 200. The surcharge applies to modifications such as resizing, removal of crop marks, merging of multiple PDF document etc.

1 column: 41 mm.
2 columns: 86 mm. 3 columns: 131 mm. 4 columns: 176 mm. 5 columns: 221 mm. 6 columns: 266 mm. 12 columns: 546 mm.

Colors: All colours are defined as CMYK. RGB, SPOT and Pantone Matching System are not allowed

Total coverage: The image density of all separations must not exceed 240%

Resolution: The image resolution must be at least 180 dpi

Fonts: All fonts must be included in the PDF. We recommend that you do not use positive fonts smaller than 8 pt. If the background is coloured or negative, block letters should be at least 10 pt.

Crop marks and bleed: None – the supplied advertising material must have the ordered dimensions.

Download installation files with the correct PDF settings below:
Click on the link and then download ICC profile and Pdf settings.

Guide to hyperlinks

You can add a link to your advertisement. In order to do so, you must install a plug-in which can be downloaded from the link below.

Production prices

If you need assistance setting up ads, the following production prices apply:

0-300 mm DKK 250,-
301-600 mm DKK 500,- (quarter-page)
601-1095 mm DKK 800,-
1096-2190 mm DKK 1095,- (full-page)
2191-4380 mm DKK 1500,-
Minor corrections DKK 200,-
(This applies to resizing, removal of crop marks, merging of pdfs etc.)

Do you need help?

Please contact Produktionsservice
Tel. +45 8738 3687
Click the button on products to create an inquiry